Which Truck is Best for Your Business?

Suppose U Drive: Which Truck is Right for Your Business?
October 15, 2018
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

Choosing the appropriate truck for the job can be somewhat daunting at times. If you’re having difficulties in determining which truck will be best for business at hand, look no further than Suppose U Drive Truck Rental, we have a large fleet of several truck varieties to fit most every need, as well as, a well-trained staff that makes your satisfaction and service experience a top priority. For specific questions, please contact us today.

There are so many truck varieties available; it can sometimes lead to questions as to which truck would best suit the needs of your business. Here we will review some of our more sought-after truck options and their uses.

Box Truck

Box Truck

Box trucks are generally used to transport pallets of dry goods, furniture, packaging, & specialized equipment. With box trucks, the cab is separated from the cargo area and is designed to provide spacious multiple-passenger seating in a climate-controlled environment.

Our box trucks range in sizes from 16’ to 24’ to accommodate whatever size load you need to haul. The cargo areas of the box trucks are designed with safety in mind, offering wood tie slats, e-track, LED lighting, and a rear roll-up or rain door. The larger box trucks also provide side-door access and liftgate options for ease of loading and unloading.

The cabin of the box trucks offers up to 3-passenger or 6-passenger seating capacity and all feature air conditioning, automatic transmission, quality diesel engines, power steering and brakes, as well as AM/FM radio and CD players for your riding pleasure.

Cargo Van

Cargo Vans

The design of the cargo van is quite similar to that of family vans, offering a direct connection between the cargo region and the seating area, deeming it a one-piece vehicle. And while both the cab area and cargo area are accessible to one another, the cargo area is oftentimes void of windows.

Having our customers needs in mind, we provide both dry and refrigerated cargo vans. If you need to transport a smaller load that requires strict temperature settings, then our refrigeration van may be just what you need. Equipped with fully insulated cargo areas and engine driven reefers, your product will be preserved at the necessary temperature whether its chilled or freezer temps that are required.

In both the refrigeration and transit vans, the high roof provides easy-access and movement within the cargo area. In addition to this, the aluminum floors provide a smooth surface for rolling hand trucks, trolley carts or sliding boxes or pallets around, making it easy for your staff to load and deliver promptly and with ease.

Refrigeration Truck

Refrigerated Trucks

If the refrigeration cargo van does not meet your transport requirements, then consider a refrigerated truck for temperature-controlled cargo. Our refrigerated trucks are designed to provide a regulated temperature for the transport of perishable freight. Depending on the size needed, Suppose U Drive offers refrigeration trucks ranging from 16’ to 24’.

No matter, which size truck or van your job requires, the fully insulated cargo areas of our trucks provide you with accurately controlled temperatures to preserve your cargo, whether chilled or frozen. In addition to the self-contained reefers, electric standby is available on all refrigeration trucks as well to plug into shore power for energy cost savings.

The cabins of the refrigeration trucks feature an ample climate controlled seating area that comfortably accommodates up to three people. It also provides AM/FM radio and CD player, along with driver-comforts including automatic transmission, power brakes and power steering. Our high-standards of customer safety and convenience holds true with each and every one of our inventoried trucks, no matter the size or design.


Stakebed Trucks

The stakebed or stake body truck is essentially a flatbed truck with stakes secured in place to provide fencing around your cargo. Our stakebed trucks have a long history of usage. It was actually the very first vehicle offered at Suppose U Drive, when we first opened our doors back in 1936.

The Stakebed trucks are available in sizes ranging from 12’ to 24’. The newer models are built on HINO 268A frames, which provide optimal gas mileage and reliability.

As far as the products you are transporting, the stakebed truck is ideal for transporting wood products, metals, and more. Equipped with a tuck-away lift-gate, winches, and hooks for your convenience, along with easy conversion to a flatbed, the stakebed may be just what you need for your side loading/unloading activities.

The cabins of our stakebed trucks provide seating capacity for 3 or 6 people, while offering air conditioning, AM/FM radio and CD players, power brakes and steering. Let’s not forget about the 90-gallon diesel fuel capacity that will keep your crew on the road with fewer stops to get to their destination safely and on time.



If you are in the market for a vehicle that will transport containers, trailers or other large loads, then we’ve got you covered at Suppose U Drive. Each Semi-Tractor on our lot offers a 370 to 400 horsepower electronic engine with 10-speed overdrive manual or automated transmission, which provides you with both reliability and power.

The air-ride suspension provides a smooth comfortable ride to both the driver and passenger, while preventing cargo from getting damaged. The features on our tractors help you arrive at your destination comfortably and more quickly with fewer needs to stop and refuel, thanks to the high capacity fuel tanks that hold between 150-200 gallons of fuel.

Available in single and tandem axle, the semi-tractors will accommodate your transport needs. For those longer hauls, our tandem axle offers an Air-Slide 5thwheel and a comfortable sleeping compartment. Also, there’s no need to worry about mechanical issues. Our entire fleet is serviced with the utmost care and detail. However, if a problem does arise, then we are just a phone call away with our 24/7 roadside service available in the rental or lease option that you choose.

Full Service


The professional staff at Suppose U Drive is available to help you with whatever type of truck you need. If you’re not sure, we are happy to point you in the right direction.

With a versatile fleet that is serviced and ready to go within a very short time, Suppose U Drive will make the paperwork and check out process virtually painless for you. Unlike our competitors, we will never make you wait while the vehicles are fueled, washed, and checked. That is always done well in advance.

Our goal is to outfit you in the truck(s) that best suits your needs and your budget. Whether you are in need of a short-term rental or long-term lease, ranging from a day, week, month, or years, our lease options are customizable to fit your needs.

Having been in this business for over eighty years, we know the importance of fast, reliable service and the fleet requirements necessary to help make your business run smoothly. Contact us by phone or stop by one of our multiple locations today, so you can expand your fleet to whatever capacity is needed. At Suppose U Drive, we offer optimal customer satisfaction and safety that can’t be beat.