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Why Suppose U Drive

Trucks for all businesses

We’ve got hundreds of trucks with a variety of options and features stocked across three SoCal locations.

24-7 Roadside Assistance

If something goes wrong, any time of day or night, we’ll dispatch an emergency crew to offer you roadside assistance.

Trusted for over 80 years

We’ve been serving the area since 1936, and we’ve since expanded to three convenient locations for easy renting and returns.

Customizable Programs

Short-term rentals, long-term lease options, and fleet maintenance programs to fit your business’ needs.


Our long-term lease options are flexible enough to fit the needs of your growing business even through the rough times. We’ll speak to you about your current needs and future plans to come up with a lease contract that is within your budget and able to accommodate your business’ future success. Whether you need one truck or ten, we’re always ready to work with our customers so that you can get out on the road quickly.


Our short-term rental options can go for as little as one day to months at a time. As a family-owned business, we’re able to work with you when the other guys can’t. That means adapting to fit your needs, schedule, and budget in any way that we can. With more than 80 years in the community, we know the type of support local businesses need to succeed. Partner with us and get your next project finished right.


Three locations all offering the same great service. Combined, we have more than 5 acres of inventory room for you to come walk-through with our friendly staff. Have questions? Our professional team is always ready to answer them.

3 Convenient Southern California Locations