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June 6, 2019
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

The Suppose U Drive family credits much of their success to the approach in which the business was founded, and consists of providing exemplary service to our customers and being community oriented, which has helped us grow significantly. At Suppose U Drive, we take pride in the fact that we have been a family owned business for more than eighty years. It all began with Edwin Estel Johnston and his wife Millie, and is now owned by their grandson’s Cameron & Justin Johnston.

Suppose U Drive only had three dodge trucks when we first opened for business in 1936. Since then we have expanded to multiple locations, so we can serve more people in the wholesale & distribution industries. Of course, this means our company family has grown as well.

The expansion of our business would have never been possible without wonderful customers and talented, dedicated staff members that we have been fortunate to retain throughout the years.

We have more than 800 trucks across our different locations, which are ready for customers to drive off the lot in a matter of minutes. Our trucks go through rigorous maintenance and system checks to ensure they are in top quality condition. This would not be possible without our mechanics.


The Job of a Diesel Mechanic

This job involves training, certifications, and staying up to date with the technological advancements in the industry. It requires a special skill set and being familiar with multiple vehicle types and models.

Servicing, troubleshooting, and repairing the engine, electrical systems, exhaust and emission control systems, and ensuring all trucks are in compliance with various regulations is no small feat.

The diesel mechanic job is “not a career that just anyone can do.” In addition to mechanical skills, there are other proficiencies important to success as well.

  • Patience: With literally so many moving parts of a diesel truck, patience is necessary. From the routine servicing and system checks to the major repairs and everything in between, having the ability to exercise patience and even step away for a breather is required. That patience goes well beyond repairs underneath the hood. Everyday interactions with customers must always be handled professionally, no matter the difficulty of the situation, or the challenge being endured in the shop.
  • People and Communication Skills: From having conversations with customers and vendors to working with team members, mechanics are sometimes required to interact with a variety of people,so professionalism and communication skills are important as well.
  • Motivation to Learn: Now that computer technology is integrated into the commercial trucks, having a willingness to learn and understand how to use a wide selection of hand tools, as well as diagnostic tools is crucial to the job. In addition to the technology and analytical equipment used by diesel mechanics, it is important to value and learn from the older mechanics. While they may not possess computer skills, the knowledge they have gained through years in the industry is advantageous, providing a strong foundation for understanding the diesel engine.
Cameron Johnston

A Few Words From Owner, Cameron Johnston

The diesel mechanics carry many responsibilities. Recently, we asked Cameron Johnston, SUD owner, if good mechanics are hard to come by and his response: “Yes, it is hard to find and keep good mechanics. The technology has changed so much because of the emissions standards. Most of the veterans who’ve been doing it for a while are mechanically inclined but don’t always have the necessary computer skills for diagnosing. The newer mechanics know a lot about computers, but they lack the hands-on mechanical experience of the veterans. When you can find a mechanic that has both skills sets then you definitely want to hold onto this person and pay them well.”

And, with that, in the spirit of our mechanic appreciation feature, we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize our lead senior diesel mechanic, Crispin Mendoza.

Crispin Mendoza

Meet Crispin Mendoza

Crispin lives in the city of Santa Ana, CA. As our way of honoring Crispin we asked him to share what it is like to work with Suppose U Drive. “I have worked my entire career at SUD, 13 wonderful years.”

Crispin also shared with us what work was like on a typical day at SUD. He stated, “Every day is a wonderful experience! Each day is a different challenge to overcome but then again that’s what brings a smile. I love new challenges!”

Words of Advice from Crispin

Having been with SUD for 13 years, we asked Crispin what advice he would give to someone interested in becoming a mechanic. His response was, “Life of a mechanic is not easy! It’s full of obstacles to overcome. However, if you put forth your heart and dedication, it will bring you many rewards as well as a great salary!”

Lastly, Crispin was asked to describe SUD’s work culture in three words, to which he responded,

“Friendly, Laughter, Diversity.”

Crispin, we appreciate you and your dedication to SUD!

The Suppose U Drive Norwalk team

Working As A Diesel Mechanic

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, estimates that growth in the field will increase as much as 9 percent by the year 2026. Being a diesel mechanic involves working on different trucks and engines.

There are many favorable aspects associated with the job, and just as Crispin mentioned it does have its challenges.Oftentimes, there is heavy lifting involved, and you’ll experience plenty of movement including bending and stretching when maneuvering parts into place. However, there’s ample opportunity to utilize the high-tech equipment required on the job. It also requires analytical and problem solving skills, so overall the job is full of diversity and can provide many rewards.

What Mechanics Mean to SUD’s Business

Owner, Cameron knows firsthand the importance of their mechanics, stating, “Our diesel mechanics are the ‘life blood’ of Suppose U Drive. They are responsible for making sure our trucks stay in good mechanical condition and keep them on the road earning us money. It would be very difficult for us to provide the high level of service to our customers without their expertise. We are very grateful for the role they play in our organization.

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