Truckers: 4 Trucks to Look Out for in 2020

September 19, 2019
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

Every commercial truck driver can appreciate the innovation that’s going into the latest models, and with the 2020 lineup looking so impressive, there’s no doubt you’re excited at the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of these new releases. Here’s a look at four trucks in particular that you should definitely watch for in 2020.

#1 The Tesla Semi-Truck

The Tesla Semi was first announced in 2017 when it made headlines as the first all-electric heavy truck model. But, the company practically went silent about the project after releasing the first prototypes. However, it turns out that they have been making major headway in the past couple of years, and the release date for the long-anticipated electric semi is now set for 2020.

The company announced two day-cab models, including a short-range version that is set to start at $150,000 and a midrange version that will start at $180,000. Of course, the typical Class 8 diesel starts at $120,000, but Tesla justifies the higher price by pointing out the fuel and cost savings of the electric design.

Estimations bring the combination of the truck and trailer to weigh in at around 80,000 pounds (fully loaded). That means it can run a daily route of 100 miles with an average speed of 60 miles per hour, for which Tesla estimates the overall operating costs would be $1.26 a mile. Compare that to $1.51 per mile for a competitive diesel truck.

Tesla has also addressed many of the questions that come along with their electric lineup, stating some impressive statistics–like the fact that this truck would be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 5 seconds. Fully loaded, it can do the same in about 20 seconds. Meanwhile, interior features abound have set the Tesla semi as the most awaited truck release for 2020.

Image courtesy Freightliner

#2 Freightliner Cascadia

The new Cascadia truck is another impressive model to look out for in 2020. With a redesigned exterior, you can expect better aerodynamics and increased fuel economy. You’re also bound to see more uptime thanks to a redesigned chassis that makes servicing simpler.

On the inside, Freightliner prioritized safety, comfort, and functionality for the highest levels of productivity. They said they redesigned the interior around the fact that the average driver will spend 100 hours a week in the cab between driving, sleeping, eating, and handling paperwork.

Other things that make the new Cascadia noteworthy include the connected analytics and services, the optimized powertrain, and the ever-growing list of safety features. The average going price is estimated at roughly $150,000.

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#3 The Volva VNL Series

With major improvements inside and out, the Volvo VNL series is yet another lineup of trucks worth looking at. The VNL 760, in particular, is set to be a top performer with the 70” by 96” sleeper cabin. All trucks in the lineup are designed for better fuel economy and increased driver comfort with the premium amenities you’d expect from a top-of-the-line model.

In this model, you’ll find improved airflow and LED lighting that improves visibility while reducing the need for maintenance. The seating in the cabin has been optimized for better ergonomics to keep drivers comfortable. Meanwhile, the steering wheel gives greater control and the dashboard provides more information to the driver while minimizing distraction.

Other features include adaptive loading, I-See Predictive Cruise Control, and the I-Shift transmission. The sale price is set at roughly $160,000 for the VNL 760 and options for moving, full-load, less-than-truckload, and temperature-controlled hauls are offered.

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#4 Peterbilt Model 579

Peterbilt has long been a trusted name in the industry, and truckers are proud to see them keeping up with the continued innovation seen in long-haul trucking. With the latest Model 579, this innovation shines through–improving comfort and safety.

From the ergonomic dash and new seats to the spacious cab and overall quieter interior, drivers will fall in love with the comfort and on-road amenities offered in this truck. However, the improvements don’t end there. Beyond the standard air disc brakes, camera and radar combine for the best in driver assistance and collision mitigation.

Outside, the three-piece hood and bumper make for cost-saving repairs. Plus, the EPIQ Aerodynamic Performance package shows a 4% improvement in aerodynamics over previous years models, which is absolutely astonishing considering how optimized the previous designs already were.

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