Top Truck Stops in The United States

Best Truck Stops
June 30, 2020
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

Being on the road for those long hauls undoubtedly makes you miss family and friends and fortunately, today’s technology helps ease those pangs. But what about those simple comforts of home that we often take for granted? From a warm shower and home cooked meal to the familiar cup of coffee and having your own washer and dryer.

In order to better accommodate truck drivers, some truck stops have really ramped up their services. What was once a place to refuel, grab a quick meal, and answer mother nature’s call has evolved into so much more. The best truck stops in America are now destination stops for truckers and travelers alike, offering an assortment of activities and amenities that will keep you occupied for hours.

Such facilities provide entertainment choices including movie theaters and casinos, as well as churches and museums. And of course, they feature the streamline conveniences. Not only do these multiplex designed truck stops accommodate basic needs and pastime choices, but they provide a comfortable spot when you encounter load delays or at a standpoint due to HOS limitations.

Little America (Little America, WY)

Little America Truck Stop
Photo: facebook/littleamericawyoming

Driving in the vast openness of Wyoming gives ample opportunity for scenic views and connecting with nature, but civilization and services are just around the corner at Exit 68, along Interstate 80. Here you will find the Little America Travel Center truck stop. Catering to truck drivers and families alike, there is something for everyone.

Little America features a wide selection of items in the 24-hour convenience store, 16 fueling islands, post office services, truck repair shop and scales, accommodations, a grill and deli, and easy access to surrounding National Parks and recreational activities.

South of the Border (Dillon, SC)

South of the Border Truck Stop
Photo: South of the Border

Located just off I-95 in South Carolina is the South of the Border truck stop. It initially opened in 1950 and features a rest area, fuel stations, restaurants, mini golf-course, and amusement rides. Situated between the Carolinas and also the halfway mark between Florida and New York, it is in a highly traveled area and has long been a popular stop for both truck drivers and travelers. The large signage in the shape of a sombrero adorned Pedro is easy to spot from miles away. Whether you are a weary truck driver ready for a meal and some rest, or travelers looking for family fun and entertainment, this nostalgic attraction is a hot spot in the area and a part of American history.

Pilot Flying J Travel Centers (Various locations)

Flying J Truck Stops
Photo: Freightwaves

These travel centers are a favorite and located throughout the U.S. As one of the most renowned truck stop franchises, the Pilot Flying J services and amenities include showers, laundry services, several chain restaurants including Subway and Wendy’s, WiFi, and convenience store items. You can also reserve parking spaces online for an overnight stay, use their onsite CAT certified scales, and earn rewards points towards future purchases.

Iowa 80 (Walcott, Iowa)

Iowa 80 Truck Stop
Photo: Facebook/IOWA80WLT

Deemed as the “Worlds Largest Truckstop,” the Iowa 80 truck stop first opened its doors for business in 1964. It is located off I-80 at Exit 284 and has been dubbed as “a Trucker’s Disneyland”. Close to the Mississippi River along the eastern part of Iowa, the Iowa 80 offers an array of services and amenities designed to accommodate professional drivers as well as for those making a pit stop during their travels.

Features include fueling stations, 8 restaurants, laundry and shower facilities, CAT Scale, gift shop, workout area, trucker museum, doggie wash, and even professional services including a dentistry, chiropractor, and barbershop. For your convenience, Iowa 80 is open 24/7 and you will find nearly everything you could want or need.

Trail’s Travel Center (Albert Lea, Minnesota)

Trails Travel Center Truck Stop

The Trail’s Travel Center in Minnesota is famous for its Viking themed wood fired grill and sports bar that serves up delicious food throughout the day. Other features include gas and diesel, shower and laundry accommodations, over 300 parking spaces, truck service center and wash station, RV services, fresh coffee bar, movie theater, and Sunday church services.

Johnson’s Corner (Johnstown, Colorado)

Johnson's Corner Truck Stop

You’ll find Johnson’s Corner on I-25, Exit 254. What started out as a gas station in 1952, today is a full-service truck stop that fulfills truckers needs and helps ease those pangs of homesickness.

Having been featured in the Travel & Leisure magazine for their breakfasts in 1998, and recognized by the Food Network, as the “Top Truck Stop Restaurant.” Whether you want to satisfy that sweet tooth or ready for a nourishing meal, be sure to stop in for one of their World Famous Cinnamon Rolls or an entrée from the menu, dine in or take out.

It is open 365 days a year, around the clock, and provides ample overnight parking, complimentary WiFi, showers, laundry services, fueling stations. A chapel is just a few feet away, and onsite banquet and conference rooms are also available, and so much more.

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