Tis The Season: Charities For Truckers

Tis The Season: Charities For Truckers-01
November 19, 2020
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

Life on the road is tough, but for truckers’ families back home, life can be even tougher. The fact is, truckers perform an essential duty with some of their busiest times of the year falling around the holiday season when everyone would rather have them home. With that said, there are plenty of charities out there trying to give back. Here’s a highlight of some of the best organizations that are working to support truckers and their loved ones all year long.

The Purpose of Trucker Charities

Imagine being hungry, thousands of miles from home, and no money on hand. That’s the reality some truckers have faced over the years, alongside countless scenarios of adversity, hardships, and general stress. Luckily, when life gets tough for truckers, people get in line to help. Across the country, people and organizations have been stepping up to show their support and appreciation for truckers in a variety of ways. And some charities are devoted to the Trucking Industry,  stepping up and lending a hand to the men and women who keep our country operating through all weather, all seasons, and all challenges.

If you’re a trucker, hopefully you’ve had the all-important conversation with those closest to you about what you’d do in an emergency. How would you get home or how would they come to you? What if something happens to your loved ones while you’re away, or what if something happens to you while you’re on the road? These are tough, but necessary questions. Unfortunately, the answers can be hard to find.

That’s why one truck driver founded TruckersFinalMile.org, which helps truckers and their families when crisis hits. They are staffed around-the-clock to service truckers across North America, helping to process urgent requests for lodging and transport in the event of a serious illness, injury, or loss of life.

When a trucker faces a medical issue that causes financial hardship, SCF is there to help. They’ve been around for over a decade now, helping drivers find the health resources they need and assisting them to cover critical expenses, like housing and food. Since their founding, they’ve helped over 2,100 truckers by providing over $2 million in aid.

You’ve probably heard of “Meals of Wheels,” a service that provides food delivery to vulnerable populations. This spin-off is separate, offering a connection service so that professional drivers can find a hot meal anywhere they go. A network of volunteers work behind the scenes to help hungry drivers get in touch with a local in the area who can bring a home-cooked, hot meal right to their cabin door.

They also help truckers and trucker families who are facing financial hardship with donations to keep food in the cupboards back home. All of that makes for a truly great charity that’s helping to ensure no trucker goes hungry while they’re hard at work away from home and on the road.

Lost pets can make for a heart-wrenching year for anyone, but truckers can grow especially close to dog and cat companions who they take on the road with them. That’s why recovering lost pets is a cause that’s so close to many drivers, and Operation Roger has not only helped truckers find lost friends, but it also relies on them to help reunite others with their pets!

Operation Roger helps lost pets find their way back home, while also helping new additions make their way to their new families. Operation Roger works by arranging pet transport for found and adopted pets, and they currently operate with a couple dozen volunteer drivers. So, if you have room in your cabin for some very special cargo, consider signing up!

Have you ever been stranded because of inclement weather or some type of disaster? Trucker Charity is there for situations just like that. Trucker Charity is devoted to securing food and lodging for truckers who are stranded on the road. They also work to mentor truckers and provide various forms of education for drivers and others who work in the trucking industry.

Plus, their Illinois-based food pantry helps provide truckers in need with three days’ worth of food at a time. That makes Trucker Charity one of the most active, all-around organizations out there for helping drivers and trucking industry professional get on their feet and live a better life on the road.

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