The Hino 268A Stakebed: Our Most Popular Truck

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February 14, 2018
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

At Suppose U Drive, we are always focused on providing our clients with the equip-ment they need to handle their business’ largest jobs. Our stakebed trucks are made to do just that.

A stakebed truck is like a flatbed, but it has a fence (or stakes) surrounding the bed to help keep whatever you’re hauling where it should be. Our stakebeds are unique in that the stakes can actually be removed, as needed, so that you can convert the truck into a flatbed for virtually any application you can think of.

If your project requires a truck that can be loaded from 3 sides, stakebeds are very likely the right way to go. They come in so many different sizes and because the design is built around functionality, the great majority of projects are well-suited to the capabilities of a stakebed truck. And, since our stakebeds can be converted into flatbeds as needed by simply removing the stakes this provides great versatility for the loading/unloading process.

Businesses of all sizes come to us with various different projects looking for a truck that can fit their needs. With the great majority of projects, stakebeds can get the job done perfectly without having to deal with lift gates or other pieces of equipment that can get in the way of a lot of projects.

Stake Beds Are The Top Choice

Stakebeds are a very popular option because they are so versatile and easy to load. For these reasons and more, they happen to be the #1 truck in our inventory at Suppose U Drive. While we stand behind all of our truck models, our custom made stakebeds are by far the most popular and the most often requested model out of everything on the lot. We believe it’s because of their inherent versatility, their excellent reliability, and the efficient technology that can power our equipment through your toughest transportation jobs.

Hino 268A-Suppose U Drive

The Features

Our stakebed trucks are custom-made using quality craftsmanship and functional design elements. For safety, durability, and performance purposes, our stakebeds are built atop the HINO 268A platform. This means they feature:

  • Power Under The Hood: Our stakebeds have a turbocharged 230 horsepower, 8-liter engine for sustained performance day-in and day-out. This engine equals fuel efficiency, power, reliability, and excellent responsiveness for your driver.
  • Money-Saving Tech: HINO’s durable frame is the perfect foundation for money-saving technology. As one example, the idle shutdown feature is programmable to ensure no wasted gas and no unnecessary wear-and-tear on the engine.
  • Functionality Up-Front: We know the extra details matter to you. Two tow hooks, a 4-inch extension, and a three-piece front bumper round out the abilities of our stakebeds in perfect form.
  • Comfort & Styling: Our stakebeds feature wide door openings and a large step bar for easy entry and exit from the cabin. Inside, more creature comforts await with noise control cabin insulation and a design with great visibility.

Additional features also include a heated fuel filter, air compressor, 34″ frame rails, and long-lasting Bridgestone tires that are guaranteed to perform.

Hino 268A-Liftgate

Does Your Project Need a Stakebed?

Stakebeds can be beneficial to a wide variety of projects. Their high capacity, adaptability, and ease of loading are all benefits that might convince you to choose a stakebed for your next project. The things you can load and haul with a stakebed are near limitless. And, because our custom-made stakebeds can have the stakes removed, you’re able to convert your rental into a flatbed for even more usage options.

When it comes to determining how large of a stakebed you need for your project, we suggest taking measurements of your average load and making your decision from there. If you’re going back-and-forth between two lengths, we suggest going with the larger stakebed to be sure it can handle your project at full capacity.

For extra large projects and varied hauling needs, we suggest going with our 18-foot or 24-foot model so that you won’t run short on room. This can save you extra trips, and help you get the job done faster.

Rental and leasing fees are dependent on the size of stakebed you choose and the length of time you will need to use it. Like with all of our rentals and lease vehicles, we’ll continue maintaining the vehicle and handling all needed repairs and upkeep. This means the only thing you’ll be responsible for is fuel, driver, & insurance.  That can help save your business a significant amount of money compared to purchasing a stakebed and taking on full mechanical responsibility for the vehicle.

Hino 268A-Grills

You Have Options

Like all of the trucks on our lot, our stakebeds are held to the highest quality standards. The factors we consider include driver safety, fuel efficiency, reliability, and functionality. Creature comforts are also important when making the decision to add something to our lot, and that has always been the case. Due to their amazing versatility, stakebeds were the very first truck types we began renting and leasing in 1936.

Since then, however, we have continued expanding the inventory on our lot. We now offer many different sized stakebeds, along with various other trucks, to help every business find a vehicle that fits their needs. If you are looking for something specific, our staff are always happy to answer questions and be of any assistance they can. We can also help point you in the right direction if you aren’t sure what kind of truck is best suited for your project.

Today, we offer stakebeds in a range of sizes to fit the needs of just about any project. Additionally, every size stakebed can be loaded from any side. Plus, the stakes can be removed, converting the stakebed into a reliable flatbed. These options enable businesses to use our stakebeds for an even wider range of transportation applications and projects.

We currently offer stakebeds in multiple bed sizes:

  • 12’ Stakebed: Our 12-foot stakebed is perfect for small transport jobs that need the versatility and reliability of a stakebed without the need to haul around the larger models. Check out our 12-foot option here.
  • 16’ Stakebed: Our 16-foot stakebed is a great step up for any project that needs just a bit more room for transporting and hauling materials or equipment. You can check out our 16-foot option here.
  • 18’ Stakebed: Our 18-foot stakebed is the perfect “in between” size for projects that need something larger than 12’ or 16’ but don’t require our largest model. You can check out our 18-foot option here.
  • 24’ Stakebed: For the big projects you have planned, our 24-foot stakebed might be just what you need to get the job done. Check it out here.
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More About HINO

Hino LogoWe always strive to offer only the most durable and most useful equipment to our clients. For that reason, when we decided to begin renting and leasing custom stakebeds, we knew that it was paramount to locate the best of the best. To us, this meant finding something versatile, reliable, and effective at getting a variety of projects done.

HINO is a big name in the industry, but we weren’t going to settle for just any solution. We arrived at the HINO 268A as a platform only after careful consideration and deliberation about all of the options on hand. Some of the things that convinced us to choose them, and the things that we know matter to you as a customer, included:

  • Turbocharger: A stakebed wouldn’t be that useable if it didn’t have the power it needed under the hood to get the job done. The VNT turbocharger doesn’t think twice. Its optimized airflow is based on the input it receives from the electronic control unit. This lets engine designers control cylinder pressure and air/fuel ratio with incredible accuracy. In turn, this means a more complete burn that equates to better fuel efficiency and EPA compliance.
  • Common Rail Fuel Injection: This feature means that higher pressure is provided over the engine’s entire speed range. This is superior to unit injectors because the design ensures instant, high-pressure response for each injection event. For the driver, this means a more responsive engine.
  • Proven Components: Yet another thing we prefer about the HINO design is that they use only US-made driveline components to ensure quality, efficiency, and reliability in their engines and frame. This includes Allison Transmissions, Meritor Axles, and Dana Spicer Drive Shafts.
  • Driver Comfort & Safety: Safety is always a top priority here at Suppose U Drive, and it’s undoubtedly factored in when we decided to choose HINO as the frame for our custom stakebeds. The HINO 268A is sought-after for its maximized driver visibility and cabin comforts. It also features super low noise levels.

If it sounds like renting a stakebed might be the right option for your business, get in touch with our office today. Give us a call, send us a message, or stop by our lot to see our inventory in person.

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We Can Help You Decide

Suppose U Drive has an inventory filled with trucks to get your project finished. If a stakebed isn’t right for you, we can also point you in the direction of another solution that fits the needs of your project better. Ultimately, our staff are here to help you find the best solution for your business, even if that means pointing you to a different model than what you initially had in mind.

Customer satisfaction, safety, and functionality are at the top of our priority list. We do everything we can to achieve all three, every time.

Get On The Road

Get your project going with a reliable and versatile stakebed. Our team at Suppose U Drive can get you moving by helping you decide on the right truck to fit your project’s needs. Have a look at our inventory online, give us a call, or stop by and see us.