The Coolest Summer Job: Truck Driver

Coolest Summer Job: Truck Driving – Cockpit
June 26, 2018
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

A summer job. It’s the perfect way to build up your resume, gain real-world work experience, and put some extra money into your pocket. However, many students are now foregoing a summer job. The reason why? There are very few opportunities out there…or so it can seem.

While many students will continue to opt for the classic summer job openings as a window worker at the local fast food restaurant or as a pillow fluffer at a furniture store, there are actually some very unique and interesting summer job opportunities that won’t just pay well, but will also provide you with lasting memories! Yes, you read that right: Some summer jobs can be fun.

Coolest Summer Job: Truck Driving

What Does A Truck Driver Do?

It may seem like there’s an obvious answer, but in realty, truck drivers probably have a much more varied and intriguing job than you may have once thought.

As a truck driver, you won’t simply hop behind the wheel and drive from place to place (which, in itself, can prove quite exciting), you’ll also take on new responsibilities regarding planning your schedule, mapping out your trips, making sure things arrive to their destinations on time, helping with loading and unloading, keeping an eye on your rig’s well-being, and responsibly reporting any delays or incidents that occur along the way.

Life as a truck driver is by no means boring or stagnant. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Some of the many benefits that come along with being a truck driver include:

Coolest Summer Job: Truck Driving – See New Things

Enjoy Flexible Hours

Maybe you have some other obligations this summer, like seeing your family or studying for next semester. Whatever it may be, you’ll be glad to know that, as a truck driver, you have extremely flexible hours. As long as you meet so many goals set for you, you can pretty much work when you please!

This is especially great for night owls or early birds who want to get their work done on their own time, when they perform at their best. No more 9-to-5 schedule for you!

Coolest Summer Job: Truck Driving – Traveling

See New Things

Perhaps one of the best parts about being a truck driver is in the first sentence of the job description: you get to travel! As a truck driver, you may be asked to travel around your town, around your county, across your state, or even across parts of the country.

Truck drivers make local, national, and international trips depending on who they are working for and their experience level. As a summer truck driver, you can probably find lots of open jobs where you can travel far and wide to see new things, but still be able to stay within your comfort zone as you gain experience.

Coolest Summer Job: Truck Driving – Bragging About It

Brag About It!

Being a truck driver isn’t something most students jump right into when summer break begins. In fact, it’s something the majority of summer job seekers will never even think about. Not only is it an unorthodox job in itself (how many truck drivers do you know?), it’s something that most people pass up because they think it’s too difficult to get a job or there’s far too much training involved. As you’ll find this summer, that’s not the case at all.

Coolest Summer Job: Truck Driving – How To

Becoming A Truck Driver

As a summer job seeker, you are probably looking for a job that you can start relatively soon so that you can begin pocketing some cash and maybe working towards a goal or two you have set for yourself, either financially or career-wise. Whatever the case may be, don’t be too scared to look into the lucrative career of being a truck driver.

Here’s some good news for you: There’s a massive shortage of truck drivers in the United States right now, and that shortage is only becoming a bigger and bigger problem. This is partially due to new laws that recently took effect that have implemented electronic logging devices (ELDs) that officially limit drivers to only so many hours in a day.

With a shortage of drivers already, and now stricter limitations placed on how much each of those drivers can be working in a given day, there’s really no wonder why you are likely to find plenty of open positions in your area to become a truck driver. Here are some tips:

  • Decide your limits: How far do you want to travel this summer? You can probably score a position with a local delivery company that stays within your town or county, or perhaps you’ll be willing to venture further out where even more positions will open up.
  • Be enthusiastic: Many different companies are searching for new truck drivers to add to their roster, even if it’s just for the summer. Let them know up until what date you’ll be able to work and they should happily open the doors for you. Be enthusiastic and show them that you are ready and willing to learn so that you can get on the road faster.
  • Ask about training: Chances are, you aren’t a certified commercial driver. This is what stops many people from even looking into the career of a truck driver. However, especially with the driver shortage these days, most companies will be more than willing to pay for your training and they may even offer some training in-house.

When searching for open positions, try a job search site like and try different search terms, such as “seasonal truck driver” or “student truck driver”. Some part-time driving positions may also be in search of a temporary fill (i.e., you!). Remember, it never hurts to ask. So long as you are polite and professional, you’re sure to find the right opportunity.

And, of course, it’s always best to start your search early. That means, if you can begin looking for your summer job before summer is even here, you’ll be able to get to work sooner and that ultimately means more money and experience for you. Plus, if you start your summer job search a few weeks before all the other students do, you’ll have even more opportunities to pick from.

Coolest Summer Job: Truck Driving – Resumé
Coolest Summer Job: Truck Driving – Resumé

Final Thoughts

Finally, before you begin applying to any positions, be sure to tidy up your resume and write a stunning cover letter so that your application will get noticed. While the driver shortage will make it much easier to score a job as a trucker than you may have previously thought, there is still something to being professional and proud. Even if you could get hired with less effort, it will reflect very nicely on you as an individual–and just think about the excellent future reference.