The Cooking Equipment You Never Knew Your Truck Needed

July 8, 2021
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

While there are several positive aspects of driving a truck, one of the biggest challenges is lack of meal choices that are healthy, easily accessible, budget friendly, and delicious. Of course, the quickest solution for a meal is to stop at a fast-food restaurant for a hamburger and fries. However, there is a better alternative that many drivers haven’t considered.

There is an array of easy to use, portable cooking equipment that makes on-the-go cooking simple and affordable. Check out the following top picks that should be considered truck driver essentials for do-it-yourself meal making anywhere you go.



From the single serving portable blender to a full-size version, this standard appliance makes it possible to quickly whip up everything from a healthy breakfast smoothie or fresh juice to pureed vegetables for a delicious soup. A quick search will give you a variety of options, including a portable battery-style version with a USB charger, as well as the heftier types that easily crush frozen produce and make large batches.

Crock Pot

The crock pot is a great appliance for making soups, stews, marinated meats, and even desserts. This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to prepare meals because it cooks foods slowly. Simply prep the meal in the morning before hitting the road and, within 4-8 hours, the food will be ready to eat. Because the crock pot is a kitchen staple, there are several varieties to choose from. The RoadPro version is designed with a lockable lid to prevent spills and plugs into a 12-volt port, making it a great option for truck drivers.


Coffee Maker

Most everyone enjoys a cup of coffee to get their day started and truckers are no exception. Rather than paying for coffee, why not make your own? Whether you want a single cup or prefer fresh ground coffee, there’s a coffee maker to suit your needs. This Chefman brand also offers the versatility of making a cup of hot chocolate or evening tea before settling in for the night.


Portable Stove

Having access to a portable stove can be a game changer for easy cooking options. Whether you opt for a single burner or induction cooktop, as long as you have the proper cookware, you can make everything from bacon and eggs at breakfast to spaghetti or stir fry for dinner. And, like the microwave, it can bring leftovers back to life or quickly heat up canned or frozen meals.


Mini Fridge

Having a mini fridge in the truck makes it easier to store fresh fruits and vegetables, cold beverages, and perishable foods. Not only will a fridge help reduce the number of convenience store stops, but it also makes eating healthy easier and is a more budget friendly option too. Available in a variety of styles, it’s not difficult to find a mini fridge that will fit in your truck. Plus, opting for one with a freezer will make it possible to store ready-made dinners and prepackaged smoothie ingredients.



Of all the available cooking appliances, perhaps the microwave oven is one of the top choices for truck drivers. This staple appliance gives you the ability to quickly reheat leftovers and pre-made meals that were prepared ahead of time or store-bought. With a microwave, you can easily prepare a bag of popcorn or a warm beverage for a late-night snack. Whether you’re on a tight deadline, trying to save a few bucks, or simply want an all-around easy cooking solution at your fingertips, the microwave oven fits the bill.


George Foreman Grill

There’s just something about those fast-food hamburgers that many of us seem to always crave. But rather than stopping at one of the chain restaurants, why not make your own tasty burger or even steak with a George Foreman Grill in the comfort of your truck. This hand appliance has been popular for more than two decades because of its convenience, versatility, and ability to drain away unhealthy saturated fats. It’s also great for making grilled cheese sandwiches or grilling vegetables for those non-meat eaters out there.

Plan Ahead

In order to make the most of those on-board appliances, you should plan ahead. Just as you plan your driving route, take it a step further and create a meal plan for your trip. After a bit of practice, you’ll soon discover how preparing your own meals and snacks will help you eat healthier, save you time and money, and you might just find the activity enjoyable.

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