The Benefits of Refrigerated Vans & Your Business

December 10, 2018
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

The popularity of transport vehicles with temperature-controlled features is growing every year. While the larger refrigerated trucks have been used by businesses for decades, many companies do not have a need for that volume or size vehicle.

Fortunately, the refrigerated vans serve the same purpose on a much smaller scale. Refrigerated vans are perfect for smaller businesses or temporary use when transporting anything from produce and perishable foods to pharmaceuticals and flowers. If you find your need for a refrigerated mode of transportation is becoming more common, then having immediate access to a refrigerated van for your business may be just what you are looking for.

The refrigerated vans fulfill the need of safely hauling sensitive goods and give you full control of your transportation needs regarding timing, schedule flexibility, temperature control and care of the goods. You will ultimately have full control of the delivery.


More Than Food Transportation

While refrigerated vans have always been used by caterers for food transport these temperature-controlled vans offer versatility for a variety of other businesses and products that require specific climates to prevent contamination or spoilage, ranging from pharmaceutical supplies and nutritional supplements to food, perfumes and cosmetics.

Protect Your Goods Yourself

When you have your own refrigerated van, it allows you to take control of the delivery and care of your products rather than hiring freight companies. This puts you in charge of knowing how products are handled, ensuring the protection from spoilage of produce, contamination of products or wilting of flowers, etc., whatever your business may be.

Flexibility of Time

In lieu of hiring a company for goods transport, a refrigerated van of your own allows you the flexibility of time to work with your schedule or that of your staff. Not only is this an advantage for you, but it enables you to provide better customer service to clients by accommodating their schedule.

Consistent Temperature is the Law

Due to FDA regulations on so many consumer products, safe transportation and consistent temperature is a must for staying in compliance. The refrigerated van gives the driver full control of the thermostat and it also has an overnight standby mode for maintaining climate control over long distances.

Versatility for Delivery Services

The refrigerated van offers versatility for multiple industries. With the ability to manually control the temperature in these vehicles, your business can deliver a variety of products and still meet FDA regulations.


Refrigerated Van Versus Truck

Both refrigerated (reefer) vans and trucks are great for maintaining temperatures for products that require it. Whether you are transporting a long distance or moving sensitive goods from one location to another across town, the reefer vehicles will get the job done.

However, not all companies need or even want a large truck, which makes the refrigerated van ideal. The van is easy to take on the road and get from point A to point B. It is also much easier to maneuver and it does not require special licensing, as do the larger trucks.

Below are a few more advantages of using the refrigerated van instead of the reefer truck.

  • The smaller size of the van provides easier access to the goods being transported unlike the large capacity of the truck.
  • The vans floors are smooth in the refrigerated vans make moving products in and out easy.
  • Better fuel efficiency

Perhaps you already have refrigerated trucks and need to add additional vehicles but on a smaller scale, in which case, a refrigerated van may be exactly what you are looking for. Another advantage in acquiring a refrigerated van is using it as a “fill in” vehicle to avoid downtime or to accommodate for unexpected overflow on a haul.


Is Leasing Right For You

Perhaps you are in need of a refrigerated van but do not have the cash flow required to purchase a van. Fortunately, there are a variety of lease and rental options available that would help you acquire the vehicle you want for your business operations. Flexible leasing options for refrigerated vans not only assist you in expanding your business, but also provide you the opportunity to test out a vehicle short-term if you are unsure about the investment of a refrigerated van.

Many companies lease vans and trucks because it allows them to continuously grow and expand business without a large upfront investment, leaving cash flow for other needs. Also, leasing provides companies with fixed payments over a specific time period, providing better asset management options and flexibility, as well as potential year-end tax deductions. Currently, more than seventy percent of companies lease equipment because it helps with staying in budget while fulfilling growing needs.


Quality Service

Leasing with Suppose U Drive is a viable option for any of your company’s truck or van needs. Providing both short-term rental and long-term leasing options, the friendly staff will customize an agreement that is specifically tailored to fit your needs. This service is popular among businesses that are undecided or want to test out the true need for truck or van before making a purchase, which can help ensure there will be a good return on investment.

Suppose U Drive takes the hassle and worry out of the equation and has the available inventory and experienced, knowledgeable staff to get you in a refrigerated van and driving off the lot in a matter of minutes.

Suppose U Drive has been serving businesses for more than eighty years. We have a large inventory of refrigeration vans and trucks to suit your business needs, no matter the size of the job. Our company has several locations and inventory of countless truck designs ranging from stakebeds and cargo vans to box trucks and tractors, serving companies large and small. We value our customers’ time and when you do business with us you will see firsthand how important it is to us to provide top quality customer satisfaction. We know you have a business to run and we make it a point to have our trucks routinely cleaned and maintained, so we can get you out on the road in the refrigerator van or any other truck that you need without ever making you wait.

When you lease from us, there are available maintenance and roadside services that will give you peace of mind in knowing that when driving our trucks, you will not experience downtime. Every lease provides you with emergency service day or night.

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