Refrigerated Trucks: The Cold, Hard Facts

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March 8, 2018
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

Without refrigerated trucks, grocery stores, restaurants, and households alike would see a huge decrease in the number of food options they have.

Refrigerated trucks help ensure the freshness and safety of foods that can travel as near as across town to as far as across the country (and sometimes even in from another country). They play a vital role in getting fresh produce and foods to people all around the world, but they also have another important role: transporting medication and similar perishables.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why they are so critical, and widely used. If we couldn’t refrigerate goods as they are being transported from one place to the next, quality, safety, and selection would all suffer as people would be forced to travel far and wide to get access to perishable goods–or go without. Hence, refrigeration trucks play a huge role in today’s economy and they take up a large share of the transportation market.

What Refrigerated Trucks Are Used For

Inbound Logistics described in their recent piece on refrigeration trucks that their purpose stretches far beyond food. Every day, refrigeration trucks are put in charge of hauling:

  • Pharmaceuticals at temperatures between 30 degrees and 45 degrees Fahrenheit in order to remain safe and effective.
  • Fine art and antiques that have to be kept in a stable climate of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve them properly and prevent damage that results from harsh humidity or temperature changes.
  • Personal care products, such as perfumes and cosmetics, which can be damaged or ruined if exposed to the vast fluctuating climate of the surrounding environment during transport.
  • Chemicals and engineered materials that could also be damaged or ruined if exposed to the exterior climate.
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Renting A Refrigeration Truck

Anyone looking to rent a refrigeration truck will need to take some things into consideration no matter what they will be hauling. Before you consider renting or using a refrigeration truck, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • What are you hauling? This will determine what humidity and temperature range your product needs to be kept in. Make sure the refrigeration truck you are looking at can accommodate this range steadily.
  • How much are you hauling? This will determine how much room you have. Consider that over-packing your truck can lead to adverse environmental conditions, like with air not being able to properly circulate or the equipment not being able to cool everything within the truck. Follow load recommendations and limits when determining how much space you need.
  • How far are you going? Refrigeration trucks can be used for both short distance trips and long distance trips. However, you will want to consider how far you are going to determine your overall costs, and the age of the truck you’re renting.

To extend upon the last point, you will want to consider a newer vehicle in many situations because, as StarTribune explained, newer trucks feature better gas mileage, improved insulation, and an overall lower cost of operation. For obvious reasons, newer trucks will also be more dependable, which make them the go-to choice–especially for long-distance hauls.

Refrigerated Safety: SupposeUDrive

Refrigerated Truck Safety

Before renting a refrigeration truck, you will need to be certain about certain safety considerations to make sure that the end product reaches its destination in excellent condition. In order to safely employ a refrigeration truck, you will want to take the following things into consideration:

  • The goods: What are you hauling? How much are you hauling? What temperature does it need to be kept at? At what temperature will it spoil?
  • The equipment: Is the truck able to keep the goods in the ideal temperature range for the entire length of the haul? How will you be alerted if the environment is compromised during the trip?
  • The delivery: How many stops will you need to make to check the load? What will you need to do to confirm the environment’s integrity before delivery?

Having this information on-hand before you ever even rent out a refrigeration truck will make the process that much easier. While it may not be as big of a concern if you are transporting something that could withstand going out of its ideal temperature range (yet possibly sustain some damage, such as produce or cosmetics), it is of an especially big concern if you are transporting medication or something that could become unsafe if it is not kept at the ideal temperature.

Either way, as the shipper, it is your responsibility to be certain that your goods stay at the right temperature until they arrive safely at their destination. To help you ensure that, most refrigeration trucks come with built-in (or added-on) temperature monitoring systems. After-market equipment occasionally also offers features such as: impact detection, humidity monitoring, and real-time tracking that can give you the peace of mind you need to get a long haul completed without issue.

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Deciding on a Refrigerated Truck

Refrigeration trucks play a huge role in America and abroad. In the United States alone, they are responsible for transporting more than 90% of our food. Around the world, they play a huge role in getting medical supplies to hospitals, transporting consumer goods, and even with helping companies like Schwann’s get delicious tasting desserts and frozen goods directly to people’s doorsteps. They aren’t simply a convenience, they are a necessity. That’s why countless manufacturers are constantly working to make the next year’s refrigeration truck model even better. And, with initiatives to push the trucking industry towards a greener future, each model strives to offer better gas mileage and improved under-the-hood performance while also adding on tracking and monitoring features to help shippers, and drivers, have peace of mind throughout any shipping job. Before you make your decision on which refrigeration truck to rent, have a look at this final compilation of factors that should play into your decision:

  • How much space do you need? It’s better to go a bit bigger than too small. A refrigeration truck will struggle to keep cool if there are too many products stuffed in the box.
  • How critical is the range? In other words, will your product instantly be deemed unusable (medication) if there is an equipment failure, or will it possibly still be sellable (cosmetics) if there’s a minor malfunction? This helps you determine your monitoring and tracking needs.
  • How far are you going? This will help you determine whether you should invest in the newest truck model on the lot, so you can save on gas mileage and operation costs, or if you can get one that’s a few years older yet still dependable.

Every refrigeration truck model is built a bit differently. Generally, newer trucks have begun using improved insulation methods and they will also typically be in a bit better shape. But, shopping around for the right refrigeration truck to rent can be made more difficult if you have to get high-tech monitoring equipment or devices. That will obviously add to the rental cost, but when you consider how much money it could save you by helping you avoid a spoilage disaster, it’s money well spent.

Really, your decision will come down to the specific products you will be hauling, the distance you are going, and your requirements for temperature and environmental stability. Gas mileage and monitoring devices may be an essential part of your decision, or they could come as an after-thought depending on your needs. While you’re shopping around, though, be sure to stop by Suppose U Drive.

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Our Refrigerated Truck Options

At Suppose U Drive, we have a wide selection of refrigeration trucks to fit your company’s needs. Whether you are hauling sensitive materials or just getting food to and from venues, our range of equipment will allow you to find exactly what you need to get the job done right. We have a range of sizes, models, and equipment to help you have peace of mind no matter where your hauling takes you.

Here’s a quick look at some of the refrigeration trucks we have on the lot:

  • Refrigerated Panel Van: For your smaller jobs, this refrigerated panel van is easy to maneuver and will get your haul to its destination quickly, without compromising quality. Everything will be kept in the ideal range, and can be moved in and out of the van with ease.
  • 16-Foot Refrigerated Truck: Complete with a lift gate, this mid-sized vehicle could be the perfect fit for your next refrigerated haul. Whether you are loading in a few large pallets or multiple smaller items, this truck model has plenty of room and it will keep your load at the ideal temperature range with ease.
  • 24-Foot Refrigerated Truck: If you have a large load, this 24-foot truck should be able to fit it all without a second thought. Complete with up-to-date monitoring equipment and competitive rental rates, our 24-foot refrigeration trucks can be rented off the lot as early as today.Have questions? Stop by Suppose U Drive today and see what we offer, or give us a call. We look forward to supplying you will all of the equipment you need to get your goods safely to their destination.