NEXT Trucking vs Uber Freight: Which is Better?

November 6, 2019
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

As companies raise millions in funding for new technology, the freight hauling industry is gradually shifting to an app-driven interface. The two frontrunners in the space are names you may recognize, with Next Trucking and Uber Freight competing head-to-head for the business of shippers, owner operators, and fleet dispatchers. If you’re deciding which one to try, this guide will help.

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Next Trucking

Next Trucking has gained a lot of press with their massive funding rounds and their approach to the industry seems promising. They describe working with Next as a full partnership, stating: “We offer our partners a full-service experience, leveraging our expertise in logistics and technology to provide the tools and ongoing support our clients need to competitively deliver.”

For owner-operators, they promise every driver free and immediate access to guaranteed quality loads. You can select loads based on your preferred routes and the app always gives you the flexibility to run your own schedule.

What to Expect

  • Instantly connect with prescreened, quality shippers using the app.
  • Find preferred lanes and optimize every hour you spend behind the wheel with the resources Next provides.
  • Enjoy less downtime by sharing your location in real-time so shippers always know when you’ll arrive.
  • Get paid quickly using digital forms. Next advertises 72-hour quick pay.
  • Reach the dedicated support team through the app, over the phone, or through chat.


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Uber Freight

According to their motto, “Uber Freight puts you in the driver’s seat” with an array of features designed to rival Next Trucking. Like Next, Uber Freight is free-to-use, which definitely makes it worthwhile to try it out. Once you create an account and open the app, you’ll be met with the user-friendly interface you’d expect from Uber.

Given that they’ve played a major role in innovating the rideshare industry around the world, Uber has also put major thought into the user experience for Uber Freight. As a carrier, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits, including hassle-free booking that’s said to “put an end to all the phone calls and faxing.” Instead, you can book via the app 24/7 when it fits your schedule.

What to Expect

  • Up-front, no-haggle pricing. Always know what you’re going to make for a load and accept a job if the pay is acceptable to you. You can book a load you want within a few taps.
  • See facility ratings before you go so you know what to expect from the shipping facilities you might work with. Don’t like a rating? Don’t take the job. It’s up to you!
  • When searching for new loads to take, Uber Freight’s app utilizes smart search, learning your favorite routes to help suggest loads that will fit your preferences. That means less time searching.
  • Uber Freight has partnered with various companies to offer you extra perks for driving with them. This includes discounts on phone plans, oil changes, DOT inspections, new tires, tire rotations, and even 20 cents off every gallon at certain TA Petrol stations.



Which Is Better?

Uber Freight certainly carries the more recognizable branding when it comes down to these two apps, but which one is worth your time? That answer could go either way, depending on who you talk to.

Many people love NEXT. After all, it is a multi-million dollar company and, as far as the user interface goes, NEXT and Uber are going head-to-head fighting for the same audience. That means comparable features and competitive updates are the norm. In this sense, it’s worth trying both to see which you like best.

Of course, if you want to download and stick with just one from the start, we would recommend Uber Freight. Aside from being well-established in the industry, which has helped attract a number of global shippers to the platform, Uber also has those extra money-saving perks that any carrier will appreciate–so long as you qualify for the Uber Freight Plus program.

The Bottom Line

All in all, either app is certainly going to open up the doors to new opportunities for on-demand work that can take you across town or across the country, and it’s all up to your schedule. So, no matter which one you decide to try, remember that the real power of these apps lies in the flexibility. Decide when and where you want to work and the choice is yours.

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