Haul of Fame: Some of the Trucking Industry’s Most Heroic Drivers

Haul of Fame: Some of the Trucking Industry’s Most Heroic Drivers
March 5, 2021
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

Every day, truckers around the world work tirelessly to make sure everyone else can keep doing whatever it is they do. There’s no doubt that every trucker deserves a tip of the hat for the endless hours they put in behind the wheel, but throughout history, there have been a few drivers who have stood out. Be it for their continued commitment to their community or a heroic act while fulfilling their duties as a trucker, this “Haul of Fame” contains some of the trucking industry’s most famous drivers.

Many Stars Started Behind the Wheel

There’s a slight difference between famous truck drivers and famous people who used to be truck drivers. In the Haul of Fame, we focus on the former, but there are some honorable mentions of stars who started out behind the wheel, including Charles Bronson.

While probably best known for being a famous Western star, but before his days on horseback riding across the big screen, Bronson served in World War II.  Shortly thereafter, he worked hard to find a career that stuck, and found himself trying many different jobs. One of his longest stints was spent driving a lorry, but he soon found his way to a theater company where his acting career took off.

Another, more recent, example is James Cameron. After dropping out of his English studies, Cameron became a truck driver as he continued working on scripts in his free time. He was inspired in the late ‘70s to make his own science fiction film with a few friends, and eventually found his way into the film business. He’s now the director of the two highest-grossing films in box office history: Titanic and Avatar.

While names like these are certainly recognizable, the Haul of Fame is really set aside for truck drivers who you may not know by name (yet), but hard-working, dedicated drivers who we most certainly should remember.

Heroic Truckers Who Deserve the Spotlight

These truck drivers may not be household names, but their heroic acts are certainly deserving of praise and attention. Here is just a short list of truckers who have made waves in recent years for their heroic efforts and commitment to their fellow human beings.

David Webb (Billings, MT)

A finalist for Goodyear’s Highway Heroes award, David Webb was driving with his wife when they saw a swerving dump truck in the next lane. Pulling up next to it, David saw that the driver was slumped over the wheel. He reacted fast, parking his own truck and running after the out-of-control vehicle, jumping onto the running board, and then reaching in to apply the brakes. He brought the truck to a safe stop and then worked with a bystander to pull out the driver and perform CPR.

Chris Baker (Chicopee, MA)

Chris may not have been behind the wheel of his rig, but when he came across a minivan flipped on its side and on fire, he was quick to jump into action. Chris had simply been out on a morning run when he came upon the scene. The passenger of the van had gotten out to safety, but the driver was unconscious and still inside. He rushed to put out the first, working with a bystander, and safely got the driver out of the car and away from the van.

Tim Freilburger (Huntington, IN)

Tim was in a comfortable spot, driving along behind the wheel of his rig when he witnessed a car lose control. The vehicle drove into a creek, coming to a stop after turning upside down and sitting in the standing water. He rushed into action, having no idea who was inside or what had caused the loss of control. His quick actions ultimately saved a family, as he broke a window and pulled out three children. After carrying them to safety, he was able to return and rescue their mother, too.

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