COVID-19: Rental Cleanliness Policy

COVID-19: Rental Cleanliness Policy
June 17, 2020
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

Your Safety is our priority

As we start returning to work, Suppose U Drive is here, ready to provide our customers with a thoroughly cleaned and maintained vehicle.

COVID 19 has changed the way we live where cleanliness matters. The cleanliness of our vehicles has been a top priority over the last few months.

We have recently performed a deep cleaning process to the insides of all our rental trucks. Our commitment to cleanliness is now defined below as our new Rental Check in and out policy. This is designed to make you feel safe at all our facilities and inside our vehicles.

Rental Office & Truck Cleanliness

  1. Gloves, safety glasses, face masks/coverings, antibacterial soaps, alcohol-based disinfectants, and hand sanitizers have been provided to every employee.
  2. We will look to Maintain 6’ rule of separation between employees and customers at all times. This starts when a Customer enters our Rental Offices and includes the vehicle walk around with our staff. Please acknowledge and respect the obstacles and taped areas in our offices designed to identify the 6’ rule.
  3. Gloves, safety glasses, and masks are mandatory for our staff in our rental offices and our yards where we cannot maintain 6’ rule.
  4. Disinfectant sprays and individual bottles using alcohol based products at the minimum required amounts by the CDC have been provided to each branch employee to spray all surfaces inside the office (Please click here to see the product information sheet). Each manager and assistant shall be responsible for wiping down community surfaces in their department each day when any physical contact of surfaces is made by either an employee or Customer.
  5. The same disinfectant sprays and rags shall also be used by each staff member to wipe down the inside of the trucks upon any entry or exit of a vehicle including but not limited to door handles, seats, steering wheels, dash, gear shifters and dash knobs.

I would like to personally thank you for being our customer and with this policy we hope these extra steps will put your mind at ease when visiting our facilities or operating our trucks.


Justin E. Johnston
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