Smartphone Apps for Every Truck Driver

April 2, 2020
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

There seems to be a smartphone app for everything these days and certainly not limited to the tech industry. With apps designed to optimize productivity, track tasks, and even help locate restaurants, exits, and gas stations, the smartphone technology also features apps specific to trucking and long distance drivers. Below is a list of some of the best apps that can do everything from enhance your work routine, help save money, and assist you in managing your time and driving logs.

Routing and Amenities Apps

Get easy access to routing options, potential traffic delays, weigh stations as well as food and personal facilities with the following smartphone apps.

Waze GPS

This app isn’t designed exclusively for truckers, but it does offer some nice features and it’s free. not only great for navigation purposes, it is also community based whereas users provide real-time updates on area traffic flow, accident and activity alerts, as well as gas prices and food venues along the way.

AllStays Truck & Travel

This app provides an array of helpful information including more than 35,000 data points such as weigh stations, rest areas, truck stops, laundry facilities, shopping, and more. It also allows you to filter information to best suit individual needs. Subscription cost starts at $9.99.

Overdrive’s Trucker Tools

This is a suite of multiple apps that integrate with one another. It’s free to try for 15-days, then continued use requires a subscription fee. The various mini-apps feature everything from route planning to locating nearby weigh stations and facility sites to real-time messaging with fellow truckers and local weather conditions.

Fuel Apps

Being able to plan for refueling locations in advance provides peace of mind, but how will you gauge pricing? The following fuel apps update several times daily so you can be sure you’re getting the best prices available on your route.


The Fuelbook mobile app provides updated information on current fuel prices, fill up locations, and GPS truck stop check-in options. The basic app is free, but a monthly subscription fee available to fleets provides discount codes and special pricing.


With the GasBuddy app, you can plan the fuel cost of your trip, see pricing across the nation and navigate your route as economically as possible. There’s even cashback and saving incentives offered when you opt to pay for your fuel through the app.

Personal Well-Being Apps

While truck driving provides an opportunity to travel to new places, going long distances can be wearing mentally and physically. When eating on the go, calories and pounds can add up quickly, but using health related apps as suggested below can help you maintain good physical health.


Stay healthy when out on the road with the MyFitnessPal app, which makes it easier than ever to track calories and ensure meals are nutrient dense. With both free and subscriptions versions available, it’s easy to maintain a food diary and integrate it with exercise and fitness trackers including Fitbit and Apple Healthkit.

Lose It!

It can be challenging to eat healthy and lose weight when driving and working on a tight schedule. The Lose It! app allows you to set weight loss and exercise goals to help you stay on track. It helps you track foods consumed and log workout habits. You can interact with other app users which is great for accountability and motivational purposes.


In addition to apps such as FaceTime, Skype is another video chat app. It is compatible on any device, making those long stretches of time away from family easier to endure. There are various subscriptions to choose from and new customers can take advantage of a free trial session.

White Noise

Spending the night away from home can make sleeping difficult, but truck drivers need a peaceful night’s sleep to re-energize for a new day. The White Noise app offers a variety of options to choose from, including a relax mode to help you unwind, several HD sounds that not only lull you to sleep but help you stay asleep. The app also features alarms to ensure you awake on time the next morning.

In addition to the convenience that smartphone technology offers truck drivers, these apps are good for overall business. Smartphone apps make it possible to boost profit margins and driver safety, as well as increase communication between drivers and dispatchers and provide crucial data to trucking fleet management. Bottom line, the tracking abilities, time-saving paperless records, and increased security features are advantageous for everyone involved.

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