Holidays on the Road: Thank a Trucker

November 26, 2019
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

As the holidays quickly approach, in the midst of preparing for family gatherings, friendly celebrations and acknowledging gratitude for all that we’ve been blessed with, consider saying thanks to a trucker.

It is all too easy to get caught up in our own celebrations and never take into account how important the role of a trucker is in our daily lives. From the food we so graciously and excitedly prepare and enjoy, to the supplies that make premade dishes possible, to the dinnerware and utensils used to set our tables–even the fuel that enables us to travel to see our loved ones is all readily at our disposal because of a devoted truck driver.


The Personal Sacrifices

These delivery professionals come from all walks of life. It may be a young person that is single and brand new to their profession or someone that has wholeheartedly fulfilled the many demands of their profession for 10 years, 20 years, or even more, foregoing spending holidays with loved ones so that they could transport the goods we need to enjoy peaceful holidays at home with ours.

The fact is, we will likely never know the personal story of the truckers contributing to our daily conveniences, but there is no denying that the responsibilities of a trucker do not cease during holidays. If anything, holidays bring about even busier times of the year for truckers. These individuals routinely spend holidays alone on the road and sacrifice personal time with their family in an effort to earn a paycheck through making it possible for us to make all those special holiday memories.


The Holidays Stop Without Truckers

To put it into numbers, truckers deliver more than 70% of the goods that fill those store shelves where we shop regularly. The trucking industry employs millions of Americans each year and those millions equate to 5-6% of the fulltime jobs in America. These are individuals who work long hours for average wages.

It is the typical scenario of what goes on behind the scenes; it’s the old adage of “out of sight, out of mind.” Truckers make it possible for us to enjoy that Thanksgiving feast, the ability to acquire those Black Friday deals, to put gifts under the Christmas tree, and even receive the goodies we anxiously anticipate in the mail. Truckers play an integral part in supplying the necessities we sometimes take for granted in our daily lives, delivering everything from daily consumables to the parts that assemble them.

Regardless of the many technological advances we have in society, the trucking industry has been a mainstay for decades and is still crucial to the American economy. From the roof over your head, the gas in your car, and the holiday clothing that you purchase online in the comfort of your home, much of it is made possible courtesy of truckers.


Not Your Traditional Holiday Dinner Table

These dedicated individuals may be celebrating holiday dinner at a truck stop with a frozen or prepackaged meal and relying on an internet connection to spend a few minutes remotely with their own families, all the while making it possible for your family time to be spectacular. Further, holidays are not all, truckers often miss their own wedding anniversaries, a child’s birthday or ballgame, and multiple other milestones so they can make sure to earn the best paycheck possible by meeting delivery deadlines, filling in for the truck driver shortage, and more.

Granted, truckers do not stock the store shelves with the items you need or approve a car loan for your family, they do make sure the wide array of inventory items are available for purchase.

Truckers endure snowstorms, floods, and various other natural disasters, all in an effort to ensure stores receive inventory to fill shelves and communities have the support necessary.


Give Thanks to a Trucker

The next time you pass a truck on the highway, rather than feeling frustrated that you can’t see around them, consider how far from their families they might be, contemplate what child’s ballgame or significant date they may be missing, all because of their dedication to the trucking industry which is focused on making our personal lives better.

These industry employees are people, just like you and me. They are compassionate and dedicated members of society, who like us, want the world to be a better place now and for future generations. They help make it possible for us to purchase the goods we need and want, they adhere to rules and regulations and help make the roads safer for everyone, and they even have a diligent watchful eye for horrific incidents such as human trafficking.

Truckers are often unrecognized, unappreciated road warrior heroes because they don’t do it for the recognition, they do it because they are compassionate individuals who want to do their part in contributing towards making the world a better place for all.

So, as you’re giving thanks this holiday season, among all the people and things you’re grateful for, be sure to have appreciation for our American truckers.

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