Helping our Community: Glendale Memorial Hospital

Glendale Memorial Hospital
April 23, 2018
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

In the Community: Glendale Memorial Hospital

Suppose U Drive has long been a charitable supporter of community events and organizations. Out of all of them, Glendale Memorial Hospital especially plays an integral part in the community, and the relationship between Glendale Memorial Hospital and Suppose U Drive stretches back through many decades.

Glendale Memorial Hospital
Image: Glendale Memorial Health Foundation

About Glendale Memorial Hospital

Glendale Memorial Hospital was established in 1926, just a few short years before Suppose U Drive opened its doors in the community. At the core of the hospital’s ethics is the belief that humanity has the power to heal people inside and out. Their quality staff are focused on delivering care with authentic compassion, and with their approach, the team of more than 1,000 employees and 400 volunteers is able to deliver the help people need.

Glendale Memorial Hospital is by no means the largest hospital in the area, but that’s really what sets them apart. Their wonderful staff and “humankindness” approach is what makes every patient feel like they’re at home with a new-found extended family. That’s a similar feel to what Suppose U Drive strives for, extending the family business out to include our staff and our customers.

Through the decades, Glendale Memorial Hospital has played a vital role in saving and changing countless lives. They offer many types of specialty treatments in addition to emergency care. Their commitment to the community, which takes putting patients over profit, has continuously inspired Suppose U Drive to be a proud and loyal partner in helping them raise the money they need to uphold their quality of service.

Glendale Memorial Hospital: Support

How We Help

Eddie Jr. (second generation owner) was on the board of the foundationfor ten years where he took a hands-on approach to raising money for the hospital.

By organizing charitable events, like golf tournaments and silent auctions, Eddie helped Glendale Memorial Hospital raise millions of dollars. He assisted with organizing many community events that allowed the board to raise money with entry fees, and through reaching out to event attendees about becoming repeat sponsors and donors.

He also helped them in organizing the Wine & Roses events–the most recent of which personally honored him for all of his contributions to the hospital’s growth throughout his life.

Since Eddie passed away last year, the foundation used the event to praise him for his service to the hospital through the years he spent on the fundraising board. The event highlighted his contributions and the fact that he was never compensated for his time. He chose not to take any payment for being on the board, and instead made sure every penny he helped raise was passed on to the departments that really needed it.

Glendale Memorial Hospital: Event
(From left to right) Marina McCloud, Carin Johnston, Justin Johnston, Unknown
Glendale Memorial Hospital: Event
(From left to right) Wayne Herron, Justin Johnston, Cameron Johnston, Dr. Bagheri

In his honor, they awarded him with a beautiful plaque. While Suppose U Drive’s name and Eddie’s name have both long been on the donor wall within the hospital, Glendale Memorial Hospital also wanted to take things a step further to express their gratitude. Now, Eddie’s community volunteer work will always be remembered by the hospital as they chose to name part of the new GI center in his honor. The center, built thanks to many donors’ extreme generosity, denotes just one of the many self-less contributions Eddie made through the years.

Over the years, the money Eddie helped raise has been put to very good use. When the ICU needed to buy incubation cribs for premature babies, the hospital’s loyal donors rallied behind them to allow them to purchase nearly a dozen (each costing around $80,000). These beds, along with all the other vital pieces of equipment the hospital has been able to purchase thanks to donations, have helped save countless lives–young and old alike.

In addition to Eddie being on the board to help organize crucial fundraising efforts, Suppose U Drive has also personally contributed with monetary donations to Glendale Memorial Hospital.

Glendale Memorial Hospital: Community Building

Community Connections

In addition to sharing a similar community-oriented vision and recognizing that Glendale Memorial Hospital plays a crucial role in the health of our community’s citizens, there’s yet another reason why Suppose U Drive supports the hospital.

Eddie himself was personally inspired to reach out to them in their times of need because he himself was born at Glendale Memorial Hospital, and so were his two sons, Cameron and Justin, who own Suppose U Drive today. That’s what led Eddie to donating personal and company money and time to their efforts.

In this sense, Glendale Memorial Hospital isn’t just the community hospital, it’s our community’s hospital. While the team at Suppose U Drive is actively involved in multiple outreach efforts, Glendale Memorial Hospital will always hold special prominence on our list of organizations.

But, it won’t stop here. Eddie’s legacy will continue living on as his two sons, Cameron and Justin, continue upholding the original values that went into the company’s founding. Our contributions to Glendale Memorial Hospital and other organizations who play vital roles within the community will continue far into the future, generation after generation.

Glendale Memorial Hospital: Community Building

Moving Forward

At Suppose U Drive, we do everything we can to sustain and grow our outreach efforts year after year. Knowing that we are helping make our community a safer, happier, and friendlier place is what drives us forward. With this in mind, we are always happy to support local events and charities in any way we can.One of the small ways we help support the community is through taking advantage of our position within the transportation industry to provide discounted (or even free) vehicle rentals to help with the setup of events the day-to-day operations of some non-profits in our area.

In fact, if you happen to be one of the organizations who could use a helping hand, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We would be happy to assist you in ensuring that you have reliable transportation for your next event. We can also provide a vehicle to help you with deliveries, pickups, or just getting your team of volunteers from one place to the next.

If you are a donor, volunteer, or a worker at a charitable organization in our community: thank you! Together, we are working to make the community a better place for everyone. And, if you happen to be a Suppose U Drive customer, we’d like to thank you too for enabling us to continue our efforts within the community for more than 80 years now.

Whether you have worked with us once or a hundred times, by supporting Suppose U Drive, you’re supporting our family-owned, community-focused approach to the world of business. We know you have other options in the area, which is why it makes us extra proud when customers choose to partner with us.

Being a family-owned, regional business, we may not be able to house thousands of trucks at chain locations, but we can offer flexible services and an honest commitment to you and your business. By staying local, we’re able to put every dollar back into other local business in the community, driving the area’s growth and improvement forward with each day.

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