Great Trucker-Friendly Restaurants

May 11, 2021
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

For truck drivers crossing the country on long hauls that can last for many weeks, there are always times when home sickness sets in. But finding a place that offers a delicious meal and friendly faces can soothe those emotions even when you’re miles from home. However, for truckers, finding a trucker-friendly restaurant involves much more than great food.

Fortunately, there are restaurants that cater to the trucking community providing ideal parking, a great meal at a great price, and a relaxing atmosphere.

What Makes the Best Trucker-Friendly Restaurants?

Roadside eateries have long been at the top of the list for truck drivers, but through the years many local Mom and Pop restaurants have been replaced by fast food joints. It’s no secret that most of us turn to food for comfort, after all, it’s been a part of family and social events throughout history. With that being said, it’s not surprising that truckers prefer a place where they can sit down for a delicious meal and maybe even have an engaging conversation. So what exactly makes trucker-friendly restaurants stand out above the rest?

#1 Great Parking

Ample parking for the rig is a must. After clocking long hours on the road, dealing with intense traffic and impatient drivers, finding a place to park, stretch your legs, and sitting down for a delicious home-cooked meal can be rejuvenating.

#2 Amenities

Having easy access to amenities is another plus that traveling truckers appreciate. While many traditional truck stops offer services such as private showers, gym, barber shop, laundry, shopping, and entertainment venues like a museum and theater, the food isn’t always the best quality. So, when a sit-down truck friendly restaurant is in close vicinity to similar amenities, it allows drivers to attend to shopping and various self-care needs.

#3 Quality Home-Cooked Meals

Hamburger joints and drive thru’s may be fine for the occasional traveler, but truckers long for somewhere they can stretch their legs and eat a savory home cooked meal. Fast food is not only boring, but it’s also incredibly unhealthy – especially for the trucking lifestyle – and nothing beats a blue plate special in a comfortable, inviting environment.

#4 Convenient Hours

On long hauls, truck drivers can keep very odd hours, which is why restaurants that are open round the clock or serve breakfast throughout the day are especially appreciated.

#5 Great Value

Everyone appreciates a delicious meal that doesn’t break the bank. Considering the fact that the majority of long distance truck drivers rely solely on restaurants, having access to budget-friendly, healthy meals is a must.

Top Restaurant Picks

If you’re a long-time trucker (or even if you’re not) perhaps you’ve already found some of these terrific truck friendly restaurants. But either way, these top spots are well-worth your time:


Iowa 80 Truck Stop

Located in Walcott, Iowa, this is a favorite among truck drivers, checking off everything on the list. Not only does it offer some of the best amenities consolidated in one place, it has ample seating and an extensive salad bar, buffet, and wide selection of entrees sure to satisfy any taste palette.


Country Pride

Located primarily in Travel Centers of America, Country Pride restaurants offer dine-in and take out. Serving everything from traditional breakfast items to homemade desserts and steak, you’ll enjoy a freshly cooked meal at a reasonable price.


Hoover’s Restaurant

Located in Sanborn, NY, Hoover’s menu consists of custard, donuts, sandwiches, burgers, and wraps. Next time you’re driving through the area, why not check them out. With friendly service and ample parking for your rig, Hoover’s has made sure to support truck drivers during COVID’s closures.


Blue Springs Café

Recognized as one of Food Network’s best places to eat, Blue Springs Café in Highland, IL is famous for their taste tantalizing Foot-High Lemon Meringue Pie. With that kind of recognition, it may not be a hidden gem but nonetheless it is enjoyed by truck drivers far and wide. In addition to desserts, their menu includes a variety of family style meals and easily accommodate semi-truck parking and an outdoor pet area.


Esther’s Restaurant

Just along State Route 22 in Fredricksburg, PA, Esther’s Restaurant serves everything from breakfast entrees and burgers to seafood, steak, and chicken.


Max’s Thunder Road Grill

The Bosselman Travel Center in Grand Island, NE is also home to Max’s Thunder Road Grill. Whether parking for the night or stopping in for takeout, menu choices include New York style pizza, chicken wings, steak and salads. Another popular onsite amenity includes massage therapy to whisk away the stresses of driving.

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