Can Your Fleet Benefit From Bestpass?

Can Your Fleet Benefit From Bestpass?
February 16, 2021
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

For fleet managers, toll management plays a major part in controlling operating costs, which is why services like Bestpass have gained a lot of ground. Bestpass serves the trucking industry as both a toll management solution provider and a payment platform provider for commercial fleets across North America.

Covering 100% of the major toll roads across the United States, Bestpass markets itself as a “truly national” solution, with flexible coverage options for local and regional fleets alike. In addition to toll management, Bestpass has also released numerous products over the past few months to help fleet managers across the country.

Here’s a closer look at what Bestpass does and whether or not they might be useful to you and your fleet.

What Classifies Me As a Fleet?

Owner-operators across the country often ask the question of when exactly they start qualifying as a “fleet” and, therefore, become able to access and utilize the various platforms out there designed for fleet owners and managers.

Bestpass states: “Here at Bestpass, we consider an owner-operator to be a customer that operates one to five vehicles. We classify a fleet to be a business with six or more vehicles.”

Can Owner-Operators Use Bestpass?

While Bestpass is targeted towards fleets, especially larger fleets, anyone can benefit from Bestpass if they regularly travel toll roads. Owner-operators with as little as one vehicle may still enjoy discounts. You’ll also benefit from Bestpass’ customer service and other assistance that will help you keep your eyes and mind on the road as you manage your business.

How Will Bestpass Save My Fleet Money?

By working with tolling authorities across the U.S., Bestpass helps give discounts to customers as they rack up tolls across the nation. These enhanced discounts are available to fleets of all sizes, and Bestpass says you’ll get the same discount whether you’re operating one vehicle or a thousand.

When you sign up for Bestpass, a tolling expert will analyze how your fleet travels and the toll patterns you’re likely to face, and then suggest the right solution accordingly to get you the biggest discounts. Thanks to the company’s volume savings, Bestpass says they may be able to get you discounts that you couldn’t get on your own.

How is Bestpass Different than EZpass?

Bestpass isn’t the only service of its kind, even though it has done its best to differentiate itself. EZpass is another common service, but Bestpass says it’s more flexible. With coast-to-coast coverage and the need for only one device and one invoice, Bestpass claims to simplify the whole process of toll management and discounts. They also tout excellent customer service.

How Does Bestpass Work?

If you’ve never used a service like Bestpass before, don’t be intimidated by the thought of extra back-office or administrative work. Bestpass is designed to help simplify your toll management, not make it more complicated. In general, the process goes something like this.

  • Sign Up: Everything starts when you sign up for a Bestpass account. You’ll have the chance to ask the representative any questions you have and they’ll then analyze your fleet’s routes to suggest the plan with the biggest savings.
  • Install Your Devices: You’ll need transponders in each of the trucks in your fleet in order to monitor your fleet as they pass through tolls. You can always swap transponders across vehicles, you’ll just need to notify Bestpass when you do so.
  • Track Your Tolls: Bestpass posts toll data into your account as soon as it’s available to them, which is generally within 24-72 hours after you pass through the toll. You can then compile reports, sorting by date, vehicle, or transponder.
  • Use the Team: Have an issue or concern about a toll charge? Bestpass encourages you to tell them directly and they’ll deal with the appropriate tolling authority on your behalf.

If you’re wondering about cost, Bestpass customizes plans to meet each user’s needs, and so cost can vary widely. Still, it’s important to reach out for a quote if you’re interested in the service and compare it to similar services currently on the market to make sure your fleet gets a great deal.

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