9 Great Gifts For The Truck Driver In Your Life

9 Great Gifts For The Truck Driver In Your Life-Suppose U Drive
December 8, 2020
Posted by: Suppose U Drive

Trying to pick out the perfect gift for the trucker in your life? This list of great ideas might just help you find the perfect item to brighten their season.

Trucker Gift-Mug

1. An Insulated Mug

The right insulated mug is a sure winner for any trucker, allowing them to keep their beverages (and soups) at just the right temperature for hours on end. Look for one with double-wall insulation and a no-sweat design so they don’t have to deal with pesky condensation. Also, see a steel construction or another durable material in case of drops or dings. The right one will last for years to come!

Trucker Gift-Wallet

2. A Tactical Wallet

Having cards and cash ready on the fly is just part of the job for truckers who want to get in and out of stops as quickly as possible, and the right wallet that’s able to hold up to all the heavy usage will make for a very thoughtful and functional gift. Plus, for added security, seek a wallet that offers RFID protection to prevent card theft. You might pair this gift with a wallet-sized multi-tool, which will come in super handy and only take up one credit card slot!

Trucker Gift-Mattress

3. A Better Mattress

When you’re a long haul trucker spending life on the road, one thing you always want to be able to look forward to is a good night’s sleep. Investing in a high-quality, perhaps gel or memory foam, mattress can do wonders for the joint support and overall comfort a trucker craves after a day or long night behind the wheel. Far more convenient than an air mattress, and much more comfortable, the right mattress will mean a lot.

If they already have a comfy bed, consider investing in a hypoallergenic washable cover instead and maybe picking them up the right set of stretchy, breathable sheets so they don’t spend the night tossing and turning no matter the weather.

Trucker Gift-Cushions

4. The Right Seat Cushion

While on the topic of comfort, gifting a good seat cushion — like the famous gel, honeycomb design offered by Purple — could really help alleviate and prevent back pain and other issues. The right support will help align the spine, improve posture, and take pressure off the tailbone and lower back, preventing sores and even promoting better circulation.

Trucker Gift-Sunglasses

5. A Good Pair of Sunglasses

Oakley and Ray-Ban are just two iconic brands that come to mind when shopping for sunglasses, and either would make a great gift for the trucker in your life. Sunglasses are an absolute staple when behind the wheel as glare can be painful and hazardous. If you want to build out your gift, consider pairing the sunglasses with a mineral sunscreen and other sun protection items to show that you’re really thinking of their comfort and functionality.

Trucker Gift-Towels

6. Quick Dry Towels

Not only will the right set of quick dry towels take up about 75% less space than regular towels, they’ll also be super portable, foldable, and able to be reused more than a normal towel can be. That makes them practical and a sure staple once the trucker in your life gets used to using them! Consider personalizing it with an embroidered monogram or just picking out a set in their favorite color. A pack of two or three will definitely be appreciated.

Trucker Gift-Basket

7. A Tasty Snack Basket

Having good food on the road can be quite the struggle, so help save a trucker from typical gas station food with a thoughtful basket of their favorite hard-to-find snacks or even some homemade treats. You might include a toaster oven, slow cooker, or other truck-friendly cooking gadgets, too, if you know their setup and how much space they have to spare. Plus, if you don’t have time to assemble a basket yourself, there are plenty of companies that offer pre-selected packages.

Trucker Gift-Lockbox

8. A Secure Lockbox

A safe built for truckers can be an absolute godsend when it comes to keeping their belongings safe on the road. Whether being used to store valuables at home or on the road, the right lockbox will be secured to a stationary object within the vehicle and have a low-profile design that still keeps it easily accessible to the trucker themselves. If security is your gift’s theme, consider including a taser, privacy screens, or bundling similar items to finish out your gift!

Trucker Gift-First-Aid-Kit

9. A Real First Aid Kit

Picking up a cheap first aid kit from the drugstore simply won’t cut it! When living on the road, every trucker could use a real first aid kit that’s stocked with rubbing alcohol, spare hand sanitizer, lots of bandages, reusable wraps, and other essentials so that they’re ready for anything.

The right kit will also be smart and as compact as possible so that it doesn’t take up too much room in their cabin. While you’re at it, include a small booklet that instructs them on basic first aid for a number of potential emergencies, and you’ll all have better peace of mind.

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