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truck rental Fontana Suppose U Drive Is Burbank�s Best Provider for Lift Gate Truck Rentals

There are many benefits to renting trucks and vans for Burbank businesses. The first is flexibility of capital. Most businesses have times when demand for their product or service increases beyond the capacity that their equipment permits. Suppose U Drive offers lift gate truck rentals. Leasing a truck allows our customers to meet their product demands while minimizing the amount of cash and credit that is tied up in transportation costs.

Renting is also great if you have your own trucks under repair. When maintenance problems do occur, leasing allows you to make your deliveries while repairs are being made to your own trucks. There is never a need to miss out on business opportunities because your truck or van is broken down.

If your business is operational only during certain parts of the year, then it does not make sense to tie up capital in owning your fleet of delivery vehicles. Seasonal businesses that take advantage of commercial vehicle rentals can put cash into their core operations instead of tying it up in the cost of their own vehicles.

The 14-24� box truck with lift gate has a 14,500 - 26,000 lb. GVW. It comes with the option of tuck- away or rail-lift gates, automatic transmissions, diesel engines and power steering and brakes. They are air conditioned with E-track, wood tie-slats and an AM/FM radio and CD player. It seats up to three people.

The 12-24� stakebed truck with lift gate has a 12,000 - 26,000 lb. GVW. It comes with tuck-away lift gates, automatic transmission, power steering and brake as well as removable sides and winches. It can seat up to three people and has an 80-100 gallon fuel tank.

For businesses who think that owning is better than renting, Suppose U Drive offers commercial trucks for sale all across Southern California.

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For more details on renting trucks from Suppose U Drive in Inland Empire, you can talk to one of our transportation specialists. To connect, you can give us a call at this number � 1 800 404 8800.

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